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We have successfully completed a three-story dormitory at the Clarendon Children’s Home in Mount Lavinia, equipped with 18 modern toilets and 18 modern private shower stalls. We have furnished it with 76 new beds and high quality foam mattresses, cabinets, bedding, towels and mosquito nets. Study areas have been furnished with new high quality individual desks and chairs. This home has been remodeled to accomdate services to differently abled children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, mild to moderate Autism, etc.

Together, with your continuing support,

·       We have undertaken the support of a children’s Home in Poovarasankulam in the Vavunia area. This Home provides refuge to 25 young girls, five to 18 years of age, who lost their fathers due to the war. The widowed mothers are mostly toiling in farms and paddy fields for low wages. The Home provides complete care and education as well as a full array of developmental activities.

        We have undertaken the support of another Home in Mankulam providing refuge to 75 children. In addition, we are providing daily school lunches to over 120 children from an area in the Mulativu district from the majority community displaced from the area during the war.

·       We have funded the restoration of wells in Kupilan North, and Poonalikattuwan North, in Tellipallai, Uduvil, in the Jaffna district. This was a high security zone, recently vacated by the army and the people are returning to their original homes. We have funded them through a charitable organization on the ground, the urgent request for assistance coming from the government. The wells have been broken, damaged or polluted due to the war. These wells will provide a safe water supply, vital for their living, to the resettling families.

·       We are providing funding to Samata Sarana' s Kindigoda branch for daily food for approximately a hundred poor children from the nearby hamlets in a day program where they return to their homes. The Center provides breakfast, a snack to take to school, transportation to and from school, lunch upon return, and tutoring.

        We are providing meals for 200 children at the Nuffield School for the deaf and blind.




Mark your Calendars


The Twenty-First Annual FRIENDS Charity Fundraiser!

Sunday, MARCH 1. 2020, at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel. All proceeds for the benefit of differently abled children, destitute children and child cancer patients in Sri Lanka.



For tickets and information please contact us.