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Helping Children in Sri Lanka Since 1990

Clarendon Foundation

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Clarendon Foundation, also known as FRIENDS: (Fund Raising Involvement and Efforts for the Needs of the Disadvantaged in Sri Lanka) is a group of individuals, just like you, who have gathered together to provide assistance to the poor and destitute in Sri Lanka, especially the children.

We strive to raise funds in the U.S. and elsewhere to support our efforts through fundraisers and regular monthly or non-recurring contributions from members of the community. Contributions made to our organization are not subject to administrative expenses of any kind here in the US. (Costs are independently borne by volunteers.)

One hundred percent of your contribution is channeled directly to the projects in Sri Lanka that we sponsor. Contributions made to our organization, the Clarendon Foundation, are tax deductible. All donations received by us are carefully accounted for. Our funds are never disbursed without explicit, verified needs. Hence, we only finance very specific expenditures. Assistance we provide is always irrespective of race, religion and all other differences.

Resources in excess of $5 million have been dedicated for charitable activities in Sri Lanka through the Clarendon Foundation, a U.S. non-profit charitable organization. We are hopeful that increased awareness of our organization will enable us to not only sustain our efforts, but to enhance them several fold in the future.

Our organization is open to all those with similar interests and objectives, and we take this opportunity to cordially invite you to join and become a part of our organization, and to contribute your time, your ideas, and your services. We also welcome new benefactors interested in making scheduled or one time monetary contributions, which will directly benefit the needy in Sri Lanka.

Our efforts must be focused in order to be optimally effective. Although we would like to help everyone, that would be a practical impossibility. To attempt such an undertaking would only dissipate the effect of our contribution. Accordingly, we have presently chosen to direct our efforts toward a limited number of projects.

All of our projects are carefully screened. We receive financial statements and other financial information from each of our projects, which are carefully reviewed and evaluated by us. Our members visit these projects bearing their own expenses, and we continue to closely monitor these projects.

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