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Gajabapura is a remote village in the north-eastern Mullativu district. After the conclusion of the war, many majority community villagers displaced by the military conflict have returned to their homes and are rebuilding their lives. Local schools are being reestablished with meager support. The Clarendon Foundation has enlisted the support of local communities, teachers, the principal and parents, and is providing a daily lunch prepared on site and an after school snack for these very poor children.


The school has 180 students, and they are also provided transportation to and from school where they would otherwise have to walk three to four kilometers. Two English teachers have been hired to give tutoring. Two other full time teachers are being paid by the Clarendon Foundation to fill a staffing shortage. The Paranagaswewa school in Gajabapura only provides classes up to the GCE Ordinary Level. Students are required to transfer to a more distant school for A/Level stidies. We are currently providing transportation to and from the school as well as tutoring in all subjects for these students.


The teachers at this school are barely A/Level qualified and have expressed a desire and willingness to pursue further education. The Clarendon Foundation has committed to funding external degrees for ten teachers through the Kelaniya University with weekend classes in Kurunagala. The funding includes fees, expenses, books, supplies, course material, travel and meals for these poor village teachers, looking for further advancement where they had no opportunities before that. They were also provided classes in Tamil, English and IT. Two of them are also pursuing Higher National Diploma courses simultaneously.

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