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We continue to fund ongoing nutrition supplements to child cancer patients being cared for in their own homes throughout the island. The Clarendon Foundation has provided nutrition to children with cancer for over twenty years. In partnership with CandleAid Lanka, a reputed charitable organization in Sri Lanka, the Clarendon Foundation provides nutrition on an ongoing basis to 110 poor children from rural area, 


Each child is monitored by a dedicated volunteer case worker who assesses the child's needs and provides the necessary nutrition. The patients receive medical treatment at the National Cancer hospital. They are thereafter being cared for by family in their own homes. However, they lack the resources to provide the child with essential nutrients. Many of them come from a family of four or five, with a monthly income of $40 to $60. We continue to provide assistance until they regain health or succumb to their illness. We have had the privilege of helping over 475 patients through this program since its inception

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